School Registration Process for Free Trial :

Register your School and get Access to MySchoolOne
1. Please provide the information of your School and verify your identity with the OTP (Email and Mobile).
2. You will get an email with a login credentials as an admin. Using that you can login into your schools account. With this you will also get access credentials for other stakeholders as mentioned in the point 3 below.
3. Post registration you will also have the Grades, subjects, section “A”, pre-defined with a sample teacher, sample coordinator, sample student and sample parent for each division Eg : Primary, Secondary and High Secondary, if you are an IB School it would be EYP, PYP, MYP, DP.

MySchoolOne KYC team will verify the authenticity of your School during the trial, in case we find any discrepancy the access and the trial account will be frozen.

Support during the Trial Period :
All the Schools which avail the trial can get support from our state of the art Delivery team in the following ways.
1. Call using the web call support button provided in the admin login, anywhere from the world.
2. Email Support : Email to -
3. `User Manual` in your admin login which will help in configuring your school, adding student and parent details and how to use other modules will be explained.

Please feel free to contact us on any help you may require to experience a wonderful journey to review MySchoolOne before you adopted it for your School. All the best.

Registration Form

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